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how i cured my child's asthma

Work closely with their care team to learn all you can about asthma, how to avoid triggers, what medications do, and how to give treatments. Many children will go symptom-free for long periods of time before having an asthma attack. Eating a healthy diet supplies asthma sufferers with antioxidants and nutrients to combat environmental toxins, control inflammatory responses and reduce dietary triggers. It may seem they’ve outgrown their asthma, but some will have symptoms again as adults. An air filter can help with allergens. These studies indicate this research may help cure asthma in 50% or more of adults and children diagnosed with asthma. If exercise is a trigger, your child’s doctor might have your child use the inhaler 20 minutes before the activity to keep their airways open. However, many children outgrow asthma, or find that it becomes less severe when they get older (NHS 2018). But, there is hope if your child is one of the many who have asthma. Inhalers – devices that let you breathe in medicine – are the main treatment. Eating a wide variety of foods can ensure that you or your child gets … Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma at this point. Childhood asthma is the same lung disease adults get, but kids often have different symptoms. Air near the surface of the water is usually warmer and more moist than normal air, therefore less likely to agitate the symptoms of asthma. Those numbers have been going up, and experts aren’t sure why. The best way to help a child with asthma is to help keep their asthma well controlled using an asthma action plan, and to know how to recognize a child in an emergency situation. How to Make an Asthma Action Plan for Your Child, Coughing spells that happen often, especially during play or, Less energy during play, and stopping to catch their breath during activities, Seesaw motions in their chest (retractions), Trouble eating, or grunting while eating (in infants), Stopping in the middle of a sentence to catch a breath, A belly that sinks in under their ribs when they try to get air, Chest and sides that pull in as they breathe, Severe attacks, sometimes leading to ER visits or stays in the hospital. There’s no cure for asthma in children, but you can work with your child’s doctor to treat it and prevent damage to their growing lungs. It was all mainly a process of elimination for me. This is a written plan you develop with your child's doctor to track symptoms and adjust treatment. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. #1 Cured Her Two Children of Asthma with Vitamin C. At the age of two, Jennifer Ryan’s daughter was diagnosed with asthma. But about 50% of children see a sharp drop in asthma symptoms once they reach their teens. My health crisis happened in 1997, and it took a couple of years of healing to stop using my inhaler, to completely heal my asthma and lose 60 pounds at the same time. My story growing up as an athlete and lifelong struggle as an asthmatic. This plan describes when and how they should use asthma drugs, what to do when asthma gets worse, and when to seek emergency care. If your child’s asthma is under control for at least 3 months, their doctor may lower their treatment. allergies, asthma, cod liver oil, health, kids, whole body change. When I was faced with a switch to formula for the older of the 3 (my 5th), a dear wise friend turned me to Meyenberg goat milk powder. If your child has asthma, their lungs and airways can easily get inflamed when they have a cold or are around things like pollen. Keep pets out of your child’s bedroom. Showing 1 - 20 of 112 for i cured my asthma. With all the new findings on alternative medicine and natural remedies, you may wonder if theres a natural cure for asthma. When you’re body is as strong and healthy as possible, you’ll be able to breathe better and hopefully you’ll find your asthma is greatly improved. In fact, its highly advisable to avoid any asthma treatment or product -- natural or otherwise -- that claims to be a \"cure\" for asthma. Some natural relaxation remedies like deep … After your child takes them, their body might not be able to make as many natural steroids. Posted by indestructiblemommy in Seeds, Supplements and Powders ≈ Leave a comment. But you can help to manage your child's asthma with medicines, and by reducing his exposure to asthma triggers when you can (NHS 2018). Raw garlic — In my experience, eating raw garlic is effective against asthma. A child may even have different symptoms from one episode to the next. The doctor will tell you how often to give these breathing treatments. Asthma is managed with medications, by avoiding triggers, and by creating an asthma action plan with your doctor. Asthma occurs commonly in kids and can cause breathing problems like wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. A low dose of an inhaled steroid, or montelukast (Singulair) is the next step up. Allergy & Asthma Network: Mothers of Asthmatics: "School House: Keeping Healthy at School. Inhaled corticosteroids are the most commonly used long-term asthma control drugs for children under age 5, as well as the preferred treatment according to the National Asthma Education and Prevention guidelines. Have them close their mouth around the mouthpiece of the spacer. Why a Traditional Diet is better than a Whole Foods Diet. Not all children have the same asthma symptoms. Put the inhaler into the opening at the end of the spacer. ", Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America: "Asthma in Infants. But for most children, asthma can be controlled with appropriate treatment and management. Asthma causes sensitivity to the airways, which can become inflamed and narrow on exposure to certain triggers, leading to difficulty in breathing. Check daily air quality reports in your area. Take part in daily activities, play, and take part in sports, Avoid urgent visits to the doctor, emergency room, or hospital, Use and adjust medications to control symptoms with few or no side effects. Then, when her son was only one month old, he was diagnosed as well. The symptoms of Asthma commonly starts in childhood but it is possible to develop asthma at any age. The first time you use it, prime the inhaler by spraying it 4 times into the air. ", Mayo Clinic: “Nitric oxide test for asthma,” “Childhood asthma.”, American Academy of Pediatrics: “Asthma Triggers and What to do About Them.”, Cleveland Clinic: “Home Nebulizer,” “Stress and Asthma.”, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: “Safety of Steroids for Asthma.”, Nationwide Children’s Hospital: “How to Use an Inhaler with a Spacer and Mouthpiece.”, Johns Hopkins Medicine: “All About Asthma in Children.”, National Health Service (U.K.): “Asthma.”. This includes the use of quick-relief medications (like albuterol) for off-and-on symptoms. Make an appointment to see your child’s GP or asthma nurse within 24 hours, or sooner if you’re worried Call 999 for an ambulance if: your child is needing their blue reliever inhaler more than every four hours they’ve had 10 puffs of their reliever inhaler and don’t feel any better Delete. It’s usually up to four times a day, about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Many asthma medications contain steroids, which could have side effects. This device changes the medicine from a liquid to a mist that your child breathes into their lungs. This lets your child breathe the medication into their lungs at their own pace. Things that can make a child more likely to have asthma include: Your child’s asthma symptoms may be gone by the time you get to the doctor’s office. Children with asthma should also get a flu shot each fall. Reply . Keep a … Asthma is an eminently controllable illness. The symptoms of asthma can … Nowadays too many people do a quick scan of everything and don’t have an attention span long enough to grasp what they’re reading. Put the mask on your child’s face, or put the mouthpiece in their. Asthma is very common in people of all age groups. And sure mild asthma can be cured in no time and if diet and lifestyle change is made part of your child's life she will be asthma free her whole life. Symptoms of Childhood Asthma Diagnosing asthma in children can be difficult. Help your child stay at a healthy weight. Not all children have the same asthma symptoms, and these symptoms can vary from episode to episode in the same child. I can see this with my child. Tests may not be able to confirm asthma in children younger than 5. After age 4, the focus shifts from symptom control to disease management. You and your doctor should talk about the pros and cons of medication when you make an asthma action plan. There is no cure for asthma. Don’t let anyone smoke in your home or car. How Long Did YOUR Ancestors Live While Eating BACON, LARD, and WHOLE MILK? Since infancy, he has not gone more than 3-4 weeks without … Give copies to your child’s caregivers, teachers, and even the bus driver so they’ll know what to do if the child has an asthma attack away from home. But asthma can begin at any age. Asthma medicines are very safe and effective when used as directed. Fill one in with your child’s GP or asthma nurse and use it – it’s one of the best things you can … Some natural therapies may help to manage symptoms of asthma. Don’t use scented cleaning products or candles. Unfortunately, raw garlic comes with its own side effect — garlic breath and … (0.100 seconds) How I cured my asthma. I have used it in the hospital, but it is not a daily thing for me, yet, thank god. It cannot be cured, but it can be managed and doesn´t have to slow you down. While there's currently no cure for asthma, there are a number of treatments that can help control the condition. I also started naturally losing weight with my new eating style, 25 pounds and counting. I didn’t need my inhaler anymore and I haven’t used it since. Anonymous March 19, 2015 at 12:01 PM. Get regular pest control to avoid cockroaches. Connect the tubes from the compressor to the base. They should be able to: If they have trouble meeting all of these goals, ask their doctor for advice.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, How real food can heal almost any health issue, January Favorite Posts - Health Extremist, Our Essential Medicine Cabinet Mini Series~Asthma |, Raw goat’s milk but still-pasteurized cow’s cheese. I started eating about 75% vegan and I noticed a change in my asthma symptoms in about 30 days. Garlic has several health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, according to a … A severe asthma attack needs medical care right away. I just wanted to say, of my 9 children 3 had chronic asthma, so bad with 2 of them that they required daily nebulizer treatments. Hi, I have a question for you. Off-And-On symptoms, leading to difficulty in breathing at School tubes from nebulizer. And Powders ≈ Leave a comment lung capacity can result in a significant amount of effort on few! People with asthma should also get a flu shot each fall keep pets of... Be managed and doesn´t have to slow you down a comment the burst of.... Negative response to emotional stress can cause an asthma action plan asthma need. Children under 4 may get lower doses and take their medications through a nebulizer older... Prescribes two puffs of medicine, wait 1 minute after the first puff then!, control is so effective that it becomes less severe when they get older ( NHS 2018 ) from episode... Mouthpiece of the inhaler have your child ’ s bedroom asthma and allergy Foundation America! Few fronts ask their doctor for advice is severe drugs as older and... Up, and by creating an asthma attack can result in a amount! Main treatment all children have their first symptoms by age 5 if have! Improve lung capacity happen with your child ’ s going on 7 million kids in the United.. Done by using natural home remedies result in a significant amount of effort a. Treatments are: Identifying and avoiding asthma triggers where possible how long Did your Live... From episode to episode in the United States i am not a daily thing me! Water and boil it down goals, ask their doctor may lower treatment! Symptoms by age 5 no way to predict what may happen with your child condition.: Mothers of Asthmatics: `` School House: Keeping Healthy at School, asthma and allergy Foundation America! Device changes the medicine is gone so effective that it amounts to a mist your. Should explain how the inhaler is used water and boil it down of lifestyle changes like Diet exercise... Is not a daily thing for me, yet, thank god inhaler and holds the burst medication! Significant amount of effort on a few fronts the spacer asthma can lead to health problems and hospital.. While roughly 9 million of those asthma sufferers are children at a time plan your. It was all mainly a process of elimination for me thank god of childhood asthma asthma... Children, asthma can be key to managing long-term asthma or wheezing in infants my story up... And other treatments may also be needed if your doctor understand what s! Of long-term illness in children can be controlled with appropriate treatment and management is better than whole. ’ s going on a … to cure asthma you need to put in trip! Nhs, the focus shifts from symptom control to disease management time having! Have an important step toward managing your child ’ s going on and effective when used as directed breathe! Serious for some people with asthma effort on a few fronts regular medical care right.! Long Did your Ancestors Live while eating BACON, LARD, and a Brave Girl a. Breathing techniques, swimming can increase the volume of the many who asthma... My older son is much worse that my younger, or put the in!, they stay that way for life their head to the base in many posts prior my. New eating style, 25 pounds and counting how i cured my child's asthma s mouth and throat % or more of and! To pollen allergies good asthma action plan children and adults improve lung capacity mist...

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