The Fox of your dreams!

Tereza Fox

Hey Guys, T. Fox here, It feels good to be back and I hope you forgive me for being away so long, I broke up with my boyfriend and just needed some time alone. I saw all your mail and I was really surprised, I wasn't sure if you guys liked me or not. But now that you let your feelings be known, I'll drop my guard and tell you how I really feel. I'd much rather be here with you than with my old boy friend anyway, he never appreciated me and I know you do. Are you ready to play? Because I know I am, I went out and bought a brand new dress and I can't wait to touch myself. And just in case you're wondering, Yes! It excites me even that much more, knowing that you'll be watching and jerking yourself up and down. I stood in front of the sofa toughing myself all over, rubbing my tits and legs up and down. Looking as shy as I could and like the girl next door, I lifted my dress caressing my legs and showing off my tight round ass. I sat down on the sofa and rubbed my legs and ass all over then I stood back up lifting my dress high and started raking my nails across my stomach. I reached down and started rubbing my puss, it felt warm and I was already starting to get wet. I sat down on the arm of the sofa and caressed my body from my breast to my puss, rubbing my legs up and down and then slowly stroke my horny snatch. I toyed with the strap of my dress and played with my boobs and then I turned and got into Doggy with my ass up high. I started grinding my ass round and round and rubbing my legs and ass all over. I rolled back over and hugged one leg up tight caressing and rubbing my legs and ass all over, then I spread my legs open wide and began rubbing my pussy up and down. I squeezed my legs really tight and then I rubbed them and my ass as softly as I could. I rubbed my pussy and started rocking from side to side, just as happy as a girl with a warm wet twat could be. I V-ed my legs up and out, rubbing them and my snatch up and down then I stood up and started taking off my new dress, pulling it down to my sexy ass before letting it drop down to the floor. I turned and leaned on the sofa and then removed my dress from around my leg then I stood back up and rubbing my legs and ass all over. I slipped my fingers inside my panties and started rubbing my self up and down, my pussy was much warmer than before and being just a little wet is a thing of the past. I got down on my knees and slipped my hand back between my legs rubbing my legs and horny pussy up and down, slowly sliding into spoon and giving my sexy ass some much needed attention. I caressed my ass rubbing it all around the I up lifted my leg and rubbed my puss and clit, teasing myself like you wouldn't believe, my snatch was warm happy and wet. I sat up slipping my hand back into my panties rubbing my twat from the bottom up and grinding my hips round and round. I pulled my panties down to my ankles and raised my legs up high rubbing my cunt up and down and as hard and fast as I could. I took my panties from around my ankles and gave them a nice long sniff then I got on my knees and leaned forward resting my head on the back of the sofa. I rubbed my legs up and down and spread my ass open wide then I rubbed my pussy from the bottom up, sliding my fingers up and down my happy wet pink slit. I sat back down on the sofa with one of my legs up and the other one down on the floor then I scooted forward and started rubbing my pussy up and down and round and round. I rubbed my cunt and clit hard and fast and moved my body all around giving myself the type of orgasm that only cums around once in a while.

Date: January 11th, 2006; Site: 1 by Day, Network: DDF Netwok, Pictures in set: 115; Dimension: 1329x2000

Tags: blonde hair, blue eyes, czech, hdv, leg fetish, solo, striptease, teen.

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