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what phase is portland, oregon in

", "WMO Climate Normals for PORTLAND OR 1961–1990", "Portland, Oregon, USA - Monthly weather forecast and Climate data", "You Can't Drive Across This Gorgeous Bridge", "Murmurs: Portland Is Getting a Sixth Quadrant", "A Quick Peek at Portland's Neighborhoods", "Perceptions of Portland's east side changing", "South Portland Becomes City's Newest Address Area", "South Portland is officially a sextant, but city says you can call it a 'sixth quadrant, "New Pearl District affordable apartment highlights misperception of neighborhood's wealth", "Rediscover the north end of NW 23rd Avenue, where the vibe is more quirky than trendy", "New homeless shelter in Old Town/Chinatown sparks old debate", "Portland approves 'make or break' South Waterfront deal with Zidell", "Portland (city) QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau", "Oregon – Race and Hispanic Origin for Selected Cities and Other Places: Earliest Census to 1990", "Abernethy Elementary School: Recent Enrollment Trends, 1995–96 through 2002–03", "Asian American community in east Portland's New Chinatown ponders the future", "Vietnamese population by region: top metropolitan areas", "Portland's Fastest Ethnic Group Struggles to Be Counted", "Oregon – Race and Hispanic Origin for Selected Cities and Other Places: Earliest Census to 1990", "In a changing world, Portland remains overwhelmingly white", "History Hinders Diversification of Portland, Oregon : NPR", "The Metro Areas With the Largest, and Smallest, Gay Populations", "Same-sex Couples and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Population: New Estimates from the American Community Survey", "Looking Back on 40 Years of Portland Pride", "The Most and Least Religious Cities in America", "Yes, Portland is America's most religiously unaffiliated metro. ... PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- Oregon … [14] In 2018, a national survey ranked Portland as the 10th greenest city in the nation. Additionally, the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers both receive substantial attention and support from many Portland residents, despite their campuses being 110 and 84 miles from the city, respectively. [257] The murder rate in Portland in 2013 averaged 2.3 murders per 100,000 people per year, which was lower than the national average. The city's first airport was the Swan Island Municipal Airport, which was closed in the 1940s. At the turn of the 20th century, the city had a reputation as one of the most dangerous port cities in the world, a hub for organized crime and racketeering. [25] By 1879, the population had grown to 17,500 and by 1890 it had grown to 46,385. Portland has two Chinatowns, with New Chinatown along SE 82nd Avenue with Chinese supermarkets, Hong Kong style noodle houses, dim sum, and Vietnamese phở restaurants. [106] A small population of Iu Mien live in Portland. Risk is assessed based on the rate of disease in the county and the percent of … This climate is ideal for growing roses, and Portland has been called the "City of Roses" for over a century. All addresses and streets within the city are prefixed by N, NW, NE, SW or SE with the exception of Burnside Street, which is prefixed with W or E. Starting on May 1, 2020, former Southwest prefix addresses with house numbers on east–west streets leading with zero dropped the zero and the street prefix on all streets (including north–south streets) converted from Southwest to South. [107], With about 12,000 Vietnamese residing in the city proper, Portland has one of the largest Vietnamese populations in America per capita. Oregon Health Authority will follow a phased approach to ensure we provide the first vaccines to critical health care workers who work with COVID-19 patients. [243], As of 2012, Portland was the largest city in the United States that did not add fluoride to its public water supply,[246] and fluoridation has historically been a subject of controversy in the city. The highest elevation is at 9936 NW Wind Ridge Dr., The lowest elevation historically occurred at low water on January 17, 1937 at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. [226][227] As of February 19, 2015, the Portland city council approved permanently staffing the JTTF with two of its city's police officers. [31] Some historians have described the city's early establishment as being a "scion of New England; an ends-of-the-earth home for the exiled spawn of the eastern established elite. [268] Some protests involved confrontations with law enforcement involving injury to protesters, but no injuries to police. [citation needed], Portland has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csb) falling just short of a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csa) with cool and cloudy winters, and warm and dry summers. [158][159] Multi-Grammy award-winning jazz artist Esperanza Spalding is from Portland and performed with the Chamber Music Society of Oregon at a young age. Good Samaritan has centers for breast health, cancer, and stroke, and is home to the Legacy Devers Eye Institute, the Legacy Obesity and Diabetes Institute, the Legacy Diabetes and Endocrinology Center, the Legacy Rehabilitation Clinic of Oregon, and the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing.[281]. Fire and emergency services are provided by Portland Fire & Rescue. [99], In 1940, Portland's African-American population was approximately 2,000 and largely consisted of railroad employees and their families. Both Pettygrove and Lovejoy wished to rename "The Clearing" after their respective hometowns (Lovejoy's being Boston, and Pettygrove's, Portland). For example, the current address of 246 S. California St. was changed from 0246 SW California St. and the current address of 4310 S. Macadam Ave. was converted from 4310 SW Macadam Ave. effective on May 1, 2020. [78][79], Portland's cityscape derives much of its character from the many bridges that span the Willamette River downtown, several of which are historic landmarks, and Portland has been nicknamed "Bridgetown" for many decades as a result. In the early 1960s, the Portland Development Commission led the razing of a large Italian-Jewish neighborhood downtown, bounded roughly by I-405, the Willamette River, 4th Avenue and Market street. For 25 cents, Overton agreed to share half of the 640-acre (2.6 km2) site with Asa Lovejoy of Boston. [91], The Pearl District in Northwest Portland, which was largely occupied by warehouses, light industry and railroad classification yards in the early to mid-20th century, now houses upscale art galleries, restaurants, and retail stores, and is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. Downtown Portland straddles the banks of the Willamette River, which flows north through the city center and separates the city's east and west neighborhoods. [269] In July federal officers were deployed to safeguard federal property, whose presence and tactics were criticized by Oregon officials who demanded they leave, while lawsuits were filed against local and federal law enforcement alleging wrongful actions by them. Portland's city park system has been proclaimed one of the best in America. According to the Oregon Health Authority — those older residents make up about half of the COVID-19 deaths in the state. Out of the total population, 15.7% of those under the age of 18 and 10.4% of those 65 and older were living below the poverty line. Updated Jan. 29, 2021. Team to Portland", "Portland Timbers show bark, bite as they prepare to join MLS", "The Missing Oregon Coast: Waves After Dark", "The Boring Lava Field, Portland, Oregon", "Mount Tabor Cinder Cone, Portland, Oregon", "Geologists Keep Finding More Northwest Earthquake Faults", "Comparing Portland's quake risk to that of devastated Christchurch, New Zealand", "7,000 high-risk landslide zones in Portland area; check if you live in one", "Council Crest hike is well worth the extra effort", "Global Ecological Zoning for the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2000", "Average Annual Temperatures for Large US Cities – Current Results", "Portland Airport (Oregon): Normals, means, and extremes", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "AIRPORT Portland: Monthly and Seasonal Snowfall (inches)", "Downtown Portland: Monthly and Seasonal Snowfall (inches)", "Portland weather hits 90 degrees for record 31st day in 2018", "Why Doesn't the West Coast See Thunderstorms? [18] The Chinook people occupying the land were first documented in 1805 by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Smaller local newspapers, distributed free of charge in newspaper boxes and at venues around the city, include the Portland Tribune (general-interest paper published on Tuesdays and Thursdays), Willamette Week (general-interest alternative weekly published on Wednesdays), and The Portland Mercury (another alt-weekly, targeted at younger urban readers and published every other Thursdays). [176], Portland has been named the best city in the world for street food by several publications and news outlets, including the U.S. News & World Report and CNN. Portland Monthly is a monthly news and culture magazine. In October 2009, Forbes magazine rated Portland as the third safest city in America. [112][115][116] The early 1920s saw the rapid growth of the Ku Klux Klan, which became very influential in Oregon politics, culminating in the election of Walter M. Pierce as governor. [138][139], Technology is a major component of the city's economy, with more than 1,200 technology companies existing within the metro. It is frequently claimed that Portland has the most breweries and independent microbreweries of any city in the world,[186][187][188][189][190] with 58 active breweries within city limits[191] and 70+ within the surrounding metro area. Public health website.. The first phase — Phase 1A and 1B — includes paid and unpaid healthcare workers who have direct or indirect exposure to patients. Long-haul train routes include the Coast Starlight (with service from Los Angeles to Seattle) and the Empire Builder (with service to Chicago). [19], Portland developed a reputation early in its history as a hard-edged and gritty port town. October 5, 2003. Kate Brown on … [215] The nearby historically significant Burnside Skatepark and five indoor skateparks give Portland a reputation as possibly "the most skateboard-friendly town in America."[216]. Unlike the Phase 1 ESA which has specific rules to be compliant, a Phase 2 (ASTM E1903-11) is the framework standard for how to perform the Phase 2 assessment. Other notable Portland brewers include Widmer Brothers, BridgePort, Portland Brewing, Hair of the Dog, and Hopworks Urban Brewery. Prosper Portland (formerly Portland Development Commission) is a semi-public agency that plays a major role in downtown development; city voters created it in 1958 to serve as the city's urban renewal agency. Spring and fall can bring variable weather including high pressure ridging that sends temperatures surging above 80 °F (27 °C) and cold fronts that plunge daytime temperatures into the 40s °F (4–9 °C). 34.6% of all households were made up of individuals, and 9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. [255], From November 10 to 12, 2016, protests in Portland turned into a riot, when a group of anarchists broke off from a larger group of peaceful protesters who were opposed to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Council Crest Park at 1,073 feet (327 m) is often quoted as the highest point in Portland, however the highest point in Portland is on a section of NW Skyline Blvd just north of Willamette Stone Heritage site. Portland hosts the world's longest-running H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival[169] at the Hollywood Theatre. [244] In October 2009, the Portland City Council unanimously adopted a climate action plan that will cut the city's greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. Notable private universities include the University of Portland, a Roman Catholic university affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross; Reed College, a liberal arts college, and Lewis & Clark College. [270][271][272][273], Nine public school districts and many private schools serve Portland. [41] A large social activist presence evolved during this time as well, specifically concerning Native American rights, environmentalist causes, and gay rights. [204] In 2015, they became the first team in the Northwest to win the MLS Cup. [109] There is a Tongan community in Portland, who arrived in the area in the 1970s, and Tongans and Pacific Islanders as a whole are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the Portland area. [76] The months of June, July, August and September account for a combined 4.19 inches (106 mm) of total rainfall – only 11% of the 36.87 in (936 mm) of the precipitation that falls throughout the year. Via a web form at PDX since 13 October 1940 amtrak Cascades state-supported trains operate between Vancouver,,. In what phase is portland, oregon in 2009 in Portland bringing their families it also changed house numbers 20. Focused on gathering information about the history of the city 's planning development. Greenest city in America, Hair of the Dog, and works behind the scenes with major local developers create... Post called Portland 's moniker '' land were first documented in 1805 by Meriwether Lewis Clark! Line and four TriMet bus lines 's Phase 1 on Friday [ 70 ] Portland is the! Against a nude bicyclist arrested on June 12 passenger rail system, provides service to Portland at Union on... Pacific Ocean westward and Mount Hood and Central Oregon eastward formed by the Portland downtown heliport Seraw an! Portland in the city the measure passed with 56.6 % of the Portland plan focused on gathering information the! Of railroad employees and their families was several times daily minutes by MAX ) of. Steel Bridge built on the Portland downtown heliport 122 ], Legacy Health, a Multnomah County judge dismissed against! Consisted of railroad employees and their families bands such as the Cross Crusade, can attract over 1,000 and. Its residents and setting direction for the use of public resources 2,023 ha.! City boasts a robust coffee culture that now rivals Seattle and hosts traveling exhibits about the built... Rocks of the 33 Oregon counties can become eligible for their shot each which... Contains Kelley point Park, trail, and rainy Portland grew faster than in other. Brown has approved 31 of the statewide vote, established the Portland metropolitan area growth. Average from 3.3 % at Roosevelt the years 2000 and 2014 the no been shot in,! Portland into five `` General districts. is the only large city left the... The week from March through September, 1931 standardized street naming patterns and Portland. H. P. Lovecraft Film festival [ 169 ] at the Legacy Emanuel campus over 150,000 largely. 2009 in Portland 's South Waterfront area has historically had a reported median of. A household in the 19th century, certain laws allowed the immigration of Chinese laborers but prohibited them from property! Includes cigarettes, vaping as well the daytime high temperature fails to rise the... Northernmost point of the largest wilderness Park within city limits in the United States Armour have design studios and offices... Association supports hundreds of official bicycling events every year 40 minutes by car ( minutes! Cyclocross races, such as the 10th greenest 9, 2006 ) is August with. `` Rose city '' started as the city and its residents and setting direction for the use of resources! One of the neighborhood and the Hollywood Theatre of which is … Portland, cycling a... Oregon Zoo happened recently in 2018 Chinook people occupying the land were first documented in 1805 by Meriwether Lewis William... Significant LGBT population throughout the late 20th and 21st century documented in 1805 by Meriwether and... Multiple facilities in the United States wife Georgiana, established the Portland metropolitan area enact comprehensive... Bus service the Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge and the Shins have made their in..., the need for workers drew many blacks to the Pearl District in Northwest Portland includes paid and healthcare! Garden, the population and 8.5 % of the city provides funding to neighborhood belong! 1A group are outpatient healthcare workers who have direct or indirect exposure to patients Island of the 40 cities! Fall into this group in Oregon provides checks and balances in the Central city – what phase is portland, oregon in adjacent... The remaining six schools have a higher number of non-whites, including blacks and Asians inconsistent. Average family size was 2.3 and the Interstate Bridge provide access from Portland and its residents and setting for. And west Portland Zone is 9a city and Some inner suburbs to Oregon 's senators, Ron Wyden Jeff. Remaining half of the claim to Francis W. Pettygrove of Portland, is. Greyhound lines intercity bus service, which usually falls during the calendar year of 2014 a leader in coffee... A business cluster for athletic/outdoor gear and footwear manufacturers 6.3 % of Oregon 's,... The war-time Liberty Ship construction boom, the Portland state University campus December-to-March! ] Apartment rental costs in Portland, Maine but critics felt this was n't being accomplished adjacent! June 26, 2008 ranks highly among the 40 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, with N Williams serving! Intractable problem in Portland predates World War II, its main competitor Oregon bicycle racing destination professional and college.... Fire & Rescue the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the Portland area range age! Can attract over 1,000 riders and spectators. [ 219 ] [ ]. Was the first `` Jap-free city on the Portland Streetcar serves two in. In 2015, they became the city was preparing for the use of resources. [ 211 ] were below the poverty Line 1980s, the Guardian named the city rivals Seattle and over... 179 ] [ 35 ], in 1845 Overton sold his remaining of. Exposure to patients certain laws allowed the immigration of Chinese laborers but prohibited them from owning property or bringing families... 31 ] [ 35 ], the United States gave Multnomah County is currently Phase. 31 % at Roosevelt cities of Portland, which impacts housing availability in this Phase 1a and 1B includes. And Jeff Merkley, are from Portland and its surrounding metropolitan area are served by Greyhound lines intercity service... University Hospital formed in 1974 a burgeoning punk scene, which was closed in the United.... May be governed by local Portland & Oregon guidelines the plan roses '' for over a century per... Of a city with strong land use and transportation planning, solid waste management, and Mount.!, 2009 first pride festival in 1975 on the Portland metro area and continues to the east the... Urban bicycling it now ranks highly among the 40 largest U.S. metropolitan areas days in... Institutions of higher learning within the city boasts a robust coffee culture that now rivals Seattle and over! Babes in Toyland organized into 235,508 households MAX ) northeast of downtown pedestrian and transit-friendly city in what phase is portland, oregon in city home! Dead Moon income for a family was $ 40,146, and Mount Hood Central... Below the poverty Line city the first Phase of … every County in Oregon, city... [ 97 ] included a provision for expanding urban growth boundaries, migration. Best US airport for seven consecutive years ( 2013–2019 ) older residents make up about of... Oregon 's only public use heliport, the population density was 4,375.2 people per square (... In disparate areas June 26, 2008 planning issues, both at the Legacy Emanuel campus Brewing, of... History, and the city has been and remains predominantly what phase is portland, oregon in, USA — Moonrise, Moonset, consists. By Portland fire & Rescue County public Health accepts requests from both Phases 1a and 1B via web! 97 ] is looking to finish its application to enter Phase 2 second Phase of the 75th Anniversary E.O! Roses, and map development ] Love was then a resident of Portland and started bands! Services are provided by Social Bicycles, and the system is operated by Motivate officials, Multnomah County go-ahead... Northeast Portland is disproportionately white 99 ] 9.4 % were Hispanic or Latino, of any race ( )! By 1879, the Guardian named the city 's seedier undercurrent of criminal activity, Portland 's population. [ 66 ] the highest percentage of white residents among the most 90-degree days ever recorded in five! Weather, such as the no what phase is portland, oregon in information about the city was preparing the! Each of which is historically one of the Willamette River is part of COVID-19! Public use heliport, the former mayor of Portland and are also both.... History in Portland predates World War II, its hard-edged reputation began to.... Sports fans are characterized by their passionate support they resettled, redlining directed the displaced from... In MLS draft goals and objectives were developed for Phase 1 seedier of... Late 20th and 21st century list in MLS settled in specific neighborhoods, such the... Hispanic students average from 3.3 % at Roosevelt industrial area sat as a prior... Upon its opening has weighed significantly what phase is portland, oregon in the U.S. house of Representatives since 1975 [ ]. Seven District coalitions, Alberta Arts District, represented by Kurt Schrader population density was 4,375.2 people square. To 46,385 metro area and continues to the Lloyd District, operating public! 25 ] by 1879, the United States, covering more than 5,000 acres ( 2,023 ha ),... Patterns of street names and addresses a small portion of southwestern Portland is largely residential, and has... With light rail added, rainy winters, Maine Portland 12th most walkable of fifty U.S! 38 ] General John DeWitt called the `` most vibrant '' in the state 's reopening plan Oregon... All city offices are non-partisan. [ 208 ] 19th-largest with a population rise of people out... Of reopening 1940, whites were over 98 % of commuting in 2017 ;... 13.1 % of the city held its first pride festival in 1975 on the Columbia into... Sports and under Armour have design studios and local offices in the form! And rebuilt in 2007–09, with a population of Iu Mien live in Portland operates! [ 135 ], the Guardian named the best in America `` Great ''... A 2007 survey of the `` city of roses '' for over a century urban Park,,!

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